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AV Specialist

Job Location:

Tanjong Katong Girls’ School 20 Dunman Lane, Singapore 439272

Supply of Manpower Services for AV Specialist

Objective: The Contractor shall provide the Services by deploying one competent personnel (“Personnel”) to support the AV requirements of the Authority. The Contractor is required to submit, together with its offer and price proposal, the CVs of Personnel to be deployed. Only submitted CVs will be considered during the evaluation.

Duration of Service:

  • Contract Period: From 1 Feb 2024 to 31 Jan 2025.
  • Personnel to be deployed at the following hours:
    • Mondays to Thursdays: 7.00 am to 4:30 pm (inclusive of 1hr lunch break)
    • Fridays: 7:00 am to 4.00 pm (inclusive of 1hr lunch break)
    • Service not required on Saturdays, Sundays, and gazetted public holidays. However, if the candidate is required to work beyond the working hours during weekdays and work on Saturdays, the candidate will be compensated with off-in-lieu.

Scope of Services

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) & AV Support for School Events:

  • In charge of the setup, operation, and maintenance of AV equipment in school compounds.
  • Provide technical support in lighting, audio, video, and stage for events by the Authority or external organizations.
  • Lighting:
    • Setting up, operating, and managing lighting equipment used during events.
  • Audio:
    • Setup and management of audio equipment, including microphones, speakers, mixer soundboards, and any other audio-related technology.
  • Video:
    • Managing video equipment such as cameras, projectors, screens, and video editing tools.
  • Stage Management:
    • Setting up and managing the physical stage where the event takes place.

Assist Authority’s Staff in the Setup of AV Equipment:

  • Assist Authority’s staff in setting up ICT/AV equipment for events, meetings, and lessons.
  • Assist teachers in video-recording school events and lessons.
  • Supervise students who are tasked to video-record school events.
  • Supervise & guide Media Club during their activities in the area of audio & visual skills.
  • Conduct AV training for students and staff when required.

ICT/AV Planning and Procurement:

  • Propose solutions to ICT/AV persistent challenges faced by the Authority.
  • Assist with the procurement process related to ICT/AV solutions and services.

Managing ICT & AV Resources:

  • Assist ICT department in managing the Authority’s ICT & AV resources.
  • Conduct annual maintenance of hardware and carry out troubleshooting and basic repair of ICT & AV equipment.

Media Post Production:

  • Play an integral role in the post-production process of video and audio recordings captured by the Authority’s staff.
  • Video Editing:
    • Compile raw footage, cut and arrange clips to create a coherent narrative.
    • Add titles, subtitles, and on-screen graphics required for the video.
  • Sound Editing and Mixing:
    • Work on dialogues, background noises, and other audio elements.
    • Enhance clarity of dialogues and add ambient sounds or effects to enrich audio quality.
    • Select or compose the right music or soundtrack for the video.

Other Tasks:

  • Any other duties assigned by the Authority.

Qualification, Skill & Experience of the Contractor’s Personnel

The Personnel shall preferably have certification/qualification in an AV-related field. The Personnel shall have at least 4 years of working experience in handling audio and visual equipment for events.

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